About Dr. Armstrong

Services Provided

    • Independent Medical Psychology Evaluations of children, teens and adults
    • Psychology evaluations for civil litigation involving Personal Injury, Emotional Distress, Permanent Disability and Labor Law issues
    • Consultation to the Insurance industry about psychological claims evaluation and management and to attorneys about the relevant issues and strategy in malpractice, personal injury and standards of practice cases for both defense and plaintiff

Dr. Armstrong is an Expert Witness for the State of California Board of Registered Nursing, and a Content Expert for the State of California Board of Psychology.

Other Services

Dr. Armstrong is a dynamic and engaging presenter available for speaking engagements. In addition to her on-camera television work, recent speaking engagements include the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association, and a number of law firms throughout Southern California.

She is also available for media, entertainment or panel representation on topics related to psychology issues, unexplained or unusual behavior, or basic or specific topic lectures in psychology, depending on the needs or interest of the audience.

Dr. Armstrong is a 2015 graduate of the FBI Citizen’s Academy.