About Dr. Armstrong

About Dr. Armstrong
    Dr. Armstrong started her career in nursing in 1984 as a Registered Nurse. She worked full-time as an RN on an inpatient Psychiatry unit for nearly 13 years. During that time she completed her Bachelor’s and Masters’ degrees in Nursing, with a specialty in Psychiatry/Mental Health nursing. In 1990 she became one of California’s first Clinical Nurse Specialists, (CNS 004).
      After her Masters’ Degree she completed a Doctorate in Psychology and became a Licensed Psychologist (Psy 16001).  In Psychology she started as a psychotherapist, studying psychodynamic therapy (“talk” therapy) and the influences of the unconscious on an individual’s behavior and interactions. After 10 years she shifted her practice to Civil Forensic Assessment exclusively.
          Other Services
            Dr. Armstrong is a dynamic and engaging presenter available for speaking engagements. Past speaking engagements include the California Schools’ Risk Management Annual meeting, California Applicants’ Attorneys Association, the WCAB and a number of law firms and insurance companies throughout Southern California.
              She is also available for media, entertainment or panel representation on topics related to psychology issues, unexplained or unusual behavior, or basic or specific topic lectures in psychology, depending on the needs or interest of the audience.
                Dr. Armstrong has served on several professional boards and a 2015 graduate of the FBI Citizen’s Academy.