Dr. Armstrong holds Case Consultation Seminars on a quarterly basis for psychologists and psychiatrists who conduct Qualified Medical Evaluations. In the seminar, a case is presented by one of the participants, and the group participates in a seminar style discussion, as the case is analyzed in detail and a range of opinions is generated. The participant learns to understand how to connect the data points, and generate an opinion that is evidence-based and ratable. Issues of Causation and Apportionment are discussed in detail. Learn more about the seminars at

Continuing education units are available for these seminars, for QME doctors and CA licensed Psychologists. Seminar participants may join the seminar via Skype. If there is interest, an additional date will be added. Please contact Dr. Armstrong directly to make arrangements for a private practice group seminar, or if you are interested in presenting your case at the seminar.

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